847+/- Acres - 2540 AFA of Water Right Permits - NW of Rachel, NV

$ 1,500,000


ID : 10
Highway 375 North of Rachel, Nevada, NV, Lincoln County, NV
Property document
847 +/- Acres - 2540 AFA Water Rights Permits. The Lincoln Estates property is zoned mixed use, commercial, industrial, and single family.

847 +/- Acres
2540 AFA Water Right Permits
List Price:  $1,500,000.00

847 +/-  Acres, 2540 AFA Water Right Permits.  Lincoln Estates is currently zoned mixed use, commercial, industrial, and single family. The northern portion is .5+ acre parcels, the center portion is 1+ acre parcels, the southern portion is 2+ acre parcels.  This is an opportunity to build recreational housing.  Lincoln County has 6 of Nevada's 12 State Parks.  Lincoln County is 10,000 square miles, only 2% is privately owned.  The 98% federal lands are open for recreational use.  Lincoln Estates is located north of Rachel, NV.  Rachel has a restaurant/bar/motel and gas station.  The town is located at the southern end of the Sand Springs Valley, a bowl-shaped valley about twenty-five miles wide.  The valley has mountain views in every direction. In and around this little town, alfalfa is grown and cattle are raised.  Western history buffs may want to explore the mountains surrounding Rachel. Inquire locally for directions – the friendly folks at Rachel invite everyone to explore.