640 Acres - Sixmile Flat Valley - North of Alamo, NV

$ 2,200,000


ID : 42
Highway 93, Alamo, NV, 89001
640 Acres in Sixmile Flat Valley north of Alamo, NV.

The Sixmile Flat Ranch is 640 acres located in the Sixmile Flat Valley east of the Pahranagat Valley and the Hiko Range. The ranch is 1/2 mile north of Highway 93. The 640 acre parcel is completely surrounded by federal lands. The water well has a 2 HP submersible Franklin pump. The ranch is located in Lincoln County, one of the largest counties in the state with 10,000 square miles. Only 2% of the county is privately owned. The federal lands have miles of trails open to recreation. The Silver State Trail, the largest BLM maintained trail system in the state, has a trail head north of the ranch.

Large parcels are rare in Lincoln County.

The ranch is located in the Sixmile Flat Valley east of the Pahranagat Valley and the Hiko Range. Alamo, NV is approximately 16 miles south of the ranch.

List Price: $2,200,000

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The town of Alamo is located in southern Lincoln County, just 90 miles north of Las Vegas. This friendly community includes a café, grocery store, churches, motels, service stations, emergency services and a landing strip for small private airplanes. It is the social and business center of the rich Pahranagat Valley and home to the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.

With an abundant water source, the Pahanagat National Wildlife Refuge has over 5,000 acres of open wetlands and lush green grasslands. An important stop on the Great Pacific Migratory Route, thousands of migratory birds and waterfowl fly through this area every year. Dozens of bird species can be found in this long valley, and it is one of over 500 managed areas in the National Wildlife Refuge system.

The country surrounding Alamo offers great fishing, many lakes, hot springs, and Native American artifacts.